How to Use Proctor Silex Coffee Maker

The proctor silex coffee maker has been designed to prepare at most 12 cups of coffee. Moreover, with this machine you can prepare coffee of different types and styles by using the different functions. The very basic model of this coffee maker is the auto pause as well as the serve function through which you can get a cup of coffee while it is still brewing in. there is another version which has been designed especially for those people who tend to forget. The model has an automatic shut-off feature which stops the machine automatically when the coffee is prepared and brewed. In addition, there are some versions that are constructed with programmable clock so that you can set the date and time when you want to start and stop brewing your coffee. In order to use the proctor silex coffee maker manufactured by Hamilton Beach you must follow the below mentioned directions to prepare coffee.

611 81449 P How to Use Proctor Silex Coffee MakerInstructions to Use Proctor Silex Coffee Maker:
The first step is to clean the coffee maker by placing the coffee carafe covered with a lid on the hot plate. Now pour a drop of vinegar by the reservoir onto the server basket at the top. Now plug in the coffee maker and press the start button. After 30 seconds, switch off the coffee maker and wait for about 30 minutes with the vinegar in it. Again turn the coffeemaker on and allow it to run through the brew cycle. Switch it off again after 30 seconds. Remove the carafe and rinse it thoroughly. Brew the carafe again with plain water to clean.

The second step is to place the brew basket correctly with its thumb handle at the point of left opening until it has been placed correctly.Now place a permanent style filter or a paper within the brew basket.

The filter will be in a shape of a cupcake. Gently fit it in the basket.Add in a teaspoon full of grounded coffee for preparing a single cup of coffee to let it brew within the paper filter.Pour in cold water into the carafe according to the cups of coffee required to be prepared.

The carafe is marked with the number of cups that are to be brewed. The water is to be poured in the water reservoir within the coffee maker rear by placing up the lid.Now close the top most lid and place the coffee carafe with its lid closed on to the hot plate.

The power cord of the machine is to be connected with an electric outlet and switch on the power to start brewing.When the brewing process is completed, switch off the button and unplug the proctor silex coffee maker

Warnings and Tips
If you are using a programmable coffeemaker, set the time at which you want to start brewing the coffee.
Avoid placing the hot carafe on any surface other than the hot plate.
If the cord is damaged, do not use the coffee maker.
In case the server basket is overflowed, unplug the machine and allow getting cool before taking it out.

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